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About the Chef:

Chef Giovanni has been a chef since childhood and has a lifelong passion for cooking. He started out his career as a busboy and worked his way up to head chef in many restaurants including his family's diner, as well as his uncle's restaurants such as Loucas, Frescos & Ponte Vecchio.  Giovanni’s family comes from both Greek & Italian heritage which are a strong influence on his cooking style. He looks up to his father and uncles who have taught him most of what he knows about the restaurant business, as well as building his strong work ethic. His family has been such an inspiration and have done everything they can do to help Giovanni learn and succeed to be the talented chef he is today. 


Giovanni’s favorite thing besides cooking is spending time with his family. He strives to give his family the best life possible and won’t stop until he achieves every goal he has for his family. 


Giovanni’s goal with L'Acquario is to create an unforgettable dining experience for all his clients while they enjoy time with their family and friends.

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